Monday, July 6, 2020

Celebrating Elton John, A Music Icon

Pop music has been one of the United Kingdom's most successful exports in recent decades, influencing people and cultures all over the world. In 2020 The Royal Mint is celebrating some of the country's most important artists – individuals and bands who have helped shape our love of music. No such collection would make sense without the inclusion of Elton John, the superstar who has been delighting fans for more than half a century.

Born Reginald Dwight, Elton John displayed remarkable musical talent at a very young age. This underlying musicality and a passion for rock ‘n’ roll drove him to breakthrough from pubs and blues bands to become a global sensation. He has made more than 4,000 performances in over 80 countries and sold in excess of 300 million records worldwide. Elton John is without doubt a British music legend.

The coin design honouring this music legend was created by Bradley Morgan Johnson. With any number of famous looks from which to draw inspiration, Bradley chose to depict the performer wearing his famous music-note glasses and straw boater's hat. This commemorative coin is a great way for fans and admirers to pay tribute to this incredible artist.

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Elton John 2020 UK Kilo Gold Proof Coin. Limited Edition 4 - RRP £68,865

  • A solid golden tribute to Elton John
  • An innovative coin surface design creates a pulsating pattern in the lenses of the glasses
  • The piano keys wrap around the entire edge of this impressive coin
  • Only four coins are available – the same number as I’m Still Standing reached in the UK Singles Chart
  • The lowest mintage for a kilo coin from The Royal Mint